Shenzhen China Redevelopment Project

baishizhou redevelopment image

By Andy Barraclough

About Baishizhou

Baishizhou, Shenzhen is an area where an estimated 150,000 people live. The majority of these people are Chinese migrants from elsewhere in China that have been attracted to the area by cheap rental costs.

The area is rich in cultural heritage and the people that live there provide essential services to the economy of Shenzhen. Despite this the area has long been earmarked for the redevelopment that is now underway. This photo story was done over the Chinese New Year period about the people who live there. If you’d like to know more about Baishizhou follow this link: Baishizhou

I wanted to be discrete when taking these photos so I used my Fujifilm X100F for the photos below.

Final Thoughts

Anyone who knows Shenzhen will know that it is a city that has seen a boom in population and development in recent years like nowhere else on the planet. Therefore change in such a city is to be expected.

However, change must benefit all sections of society. History shows us that when people of lower incomes are pushed out of a city the city will inevitably suffer. This applies on a cultural and economic level.

In terms of the pictures I’m happy with some of the shots but overall feel the essay is not my greatest work. I feel it suffered because I cannot speak Chinese and therefore could not gain inside access to the story by talking to people. All experiences in photography can be learnt from and I will look at positives here, and think about how I can improve on the negatives.