Ryan Dossey Review

Ryan Dossey is a real estate investor who closes over 70 deals yearly. He has enough money and time to spend with his family. He talks about his rags-to-riches story, saying that he didn’t finish high school and used to make $23,000 yearly.Review

He now owns a telemarketing company called Call Porter, a handwritten mailer company called Ballpoint Marketing, and a wholesaling mentorship program called Create Cash Flow. He also runs a one-stop-shop real estate training platform called RESimpli. Read on Ryan Dossey Review to learn more.

If you want to become a successful real estate investor, you should join Create Cash Flow (CCF). This is an online community that will teach you how to source off-market deals. The program will help you develop the right mindset and provide a clear path to success. It will also help you avoid many common mistakes that beginners make.

The creator of CCF, Ryan Dossey, is an experienced real estate investor who has made a name for himself in the industry. He has been in the business for more than 20 years and has completed over 70 off-market deals each year. His successes allow him to live the life he wants with his family. Ryan Dossey didn’t finish high school and used to earn only $23,000 a year before real estate became his passion. He has built a real estate empire that includes more than 100 properties and a large amount of rental income.

He has developed several programs to help real estate investors. One of them, Christopherellynhomes, is a fully-staffed real estate investment company that handles wholesaling and flipping operations. Another is ballpoint marketing, which provides custom direct mail campaigns for investors. Ryan also developed Call Porter, a call center that helps investors find tenants for their properties. In addition to these programs, he offers a variety of other tools and resources for real estate investors.

Ryan Dossey has a lot of experience in the real estate business, and he uses this knowledge to help his students achieve their goals. He has a unique approach to teaching his students, and his students have been extremely happy with the results of their efforts. Many of his students have been able to buy multiple properties in their first few months of working with him.

Creating cash flow is not easy, but it is possible if you have the right mindset and the right strategies. Ryan has created a complete system to help you create the lifestyle you desire. He has an extensive list of resources for his students, and he is always available to answer questions.

Bigger Pockets

When Ryan Dossey first got into real estate, he wasn’t making much money at all. He realized he needed to make some changes and decided to start wholesaling homes. This is a process where you find properties that need some work, tie them up under contract, and then sell them on to an investor for a profit. This is a great way to get started in the industry, and it can be very profitable.

In today’s episode, we chat with Ryan about how he used BiggerPockets to grow his business and build his 100-plus unit portfolio. He reveals his step-by-step, repeatable strategy for approaching homeowners directly and getting deals off the MLS. He also discusses how he finds and closes properties while working full-time, and how he builds systems that allow him to scale his business.

You’ll love hearing Ryan’s tips on keeping remote employees accountable, why core values aren’t B.S, and how to screen potential mentors. Plus, he gives some seriously inspiring advice on building systems to delegate and automate tasks. Don’t miss this episode!

Ballpoint Marketing

Ballpoint marketing is a leading provider of direct mail services for real estate investors. Its unique approach helps investors generate more leads and increase deal flow by targeting motivated sellers. The company offers a wide range of products and services, including skip tracing, handwritten letters, and business and professional letters. Its products are available in bulk, which makes them ideal for investors who want to save money on their mailing costs.

The company uses real pens to create authentic-looking handwritten direct mail pieces, which increase response rates from motivated sellers. Its unique local imagery and high-quality graphics make its mailers stand out from the competition and facilitate brand recognition efforts. Additionally, its service saves time and allows real estate investors to focus on other aspects of their business.

In addition to handwritten letters, Ballpoint Marketing also provides other marketing tools that can help you find motivated seller leads. For example, it offers a database of property owners that include information about the owner’s contact information and address. You can use this database to find sellers who are interested in selling their properties quickly and easily.

Another way to find motivated seller leads is to use real estate investor lead generation software. This software can help you find leads by filtering out the bad ones and identifying the best ones. It can also automate follow-ups and track your ROI.

One such software is Property Leads, which offers a database of real estate investors and wholesalers who are looking to buy property. Its data is accurate and up-to-date, and you can target specific buyers based on their preferences. The database includes a number of filters, such as absentee owners, FRBOs, and late mortgages.

Another option is to use a real estate investor lead generation service, like Open Letter Marketing. This company creates eye-catching hand-written (i.e., robot-written) mailers that get record-high response rates. Ryan Dossey, a successful real estate investor who makes deals on over 70 houses each year, has used these mailers to grow his business. The company offers a free trial for new customers.

Call Porter

If you are a real estate investor, you know that capturing online leads and connecting with them is the key to success. Call Porter is an innovative service that helps you with the whole process, from capturing online leads to setting up appointments with sellers. This service also helps you qualify and persuade potential clients so that you don’t waste time with unqualified leads. In addition to being able to capture online leads, Call Porter offers a variety of other benefits including voicemail tracking and appointment scheduling.

The company provides a team of trained agents to handle inbound seller calls for real estate investors. Its services are available 24/7 and are a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house receptionist. Call Porter is a great choice for busy investors who want to close more deals each month. However, it is important to note that this program does not guarantee any results.

In addition to providing daily seller lead generation, Call Porter also specializes in real estate transaction support. Its US-based call agents are seasoned in the nuances of the real estate industry and can offer a high level of expertise during conversations with leads. This enables your leads to have a more personalized and smooth-sailing experience.

Unlike other real estate gurus, Ryan’s approach to business is based on honesty and integrity. He teaches his students how to build trust with their audience, and he emphasizes that it is not about selling a dream but about solving people’s problems. He is not the typical real estate guru; he didn’t finish high school and struggled to make ends meet. Nevertheless, he has been successful and is now making more money than most people in his age group.

In addition to offering real estate training, Ryan has developed a number of tools that help his students succeed. These include Call Porter, a telemarketing call center, and RESimpli, a customer relationship management system. He also offers a wholesaling mentorship that costs $10k a year under the Create Cash Flow (CCF) branding.